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  1. atsumasa tamura renovates a tea ceremony building in wakayama, japan

    atsumasa tamura design office has renovated a 70 year old house in wakayama prefecture, japan, seamlessly blending new and modern elements into the traditional architecture of the building. originally used as a structure to teach tea ceremony, the building...
  2. Fredericton's 'sexiest' building still in engineering and design phase

    There's still much to be done before construction begins on Fredericton's so-called "sexiest" new building, according to developer Jeff Yerxa. The president and CEO of Ross Ventures said the building is still in the engineering and design phase and plans...
  3. Using Culture + Design To Build a Disruptive Breakthrough Brand

    Before Eric Ryan founded Method, cleaning products were boring. Giants like Procter & Gamble, Clorox, Colgate-Palmolive and SC Johnson had effectively monopolized the industry since as far back as 1806. Each has massive infrastructures, thousands of...
  4. Clicks and bricks: How building is going digital

    "Revizto uses 3D gaming technology and cloud solutions to bring together various building design environments and workflows into a single, navigable view," says chief executive Arman Gukasyan. The software's interactive 3D environments allow users to...
  5. How To Design The Ultimate Man Cave

    Build beyond the games of Flip Cup... As with any other architecture or design, the best inspiration can be found in what’s been done before. We’re not saying you should copy anyone else’s cave—unless biting is your thing—but remixing a great...
  6. This New Code Ensures Buildings Designs are Internet Optimized

    When looking at a building, how good its internet is, is probably not one’s first thought. But for the tenants and companies inside it, it’s a key building service that they rely on daily. As Arie Barendrecht explains, “it’s vital to tenants of...
  7. BIM and the future of lighting design

    As each new layer of services gets added to the core design, more expertise is drawn into the process, in much the same way as services would be installed in a physical building, with BIM specialists ‘installing’ service layers into the construction model.
  8. In the News: Final Design for the Trinity Church Tower

    New York Post ••• “Trinity Church has revealed its design for a building to house its new parish center and commercial office space behind the 19th-century Episcopal church. […] The 310,000-square-foot tower will have spaces that include a cafe...
  9. Building a Productive Garden

    TODAY Matt and Lentil share with us an excerpt from the book, covering the fundamentals of building a productive garden. Hi, we’re Matt and Lentil from Grown & Gathered. Today we share some of the lessons we have learnt about building a productive garden.
  10. architecture and design

    The brief was to build a set of cabañas for a couple of surfers and musicians, with the main cabaña as the house.... Zaha Hadid Architects has won a competition for the design of the Urban Heritage Museum Administration Centre in Diriyah, Saudi Arabia.

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